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It's a big day - Offworld has a Distribution Deal

I received huge news today from Terry Cooper and Dani Britten at Offworld HQ...

"It’s been seven long years since the idea for a low-budget science fiction feature was dreamt up (19th April 2016), six years since Principal Photography wrapped (16th April 2017) and much like the characters in the film, we’ve been on a very long trek (through post-production), beset by obstacles and problems all along. But we’ve arrived at our final destination.

We’ve handed it over. The film has been received in the US by our distributors."

There have been moments over the past seven years when it felt like this would never happen, like the film would never be quite finished and would end its days rotting away, bit by bit, on some forgotten hard drive somewhere. It is a huge testament to Terry and Dani's hard work and persistence that they kept things moving and that, today, we're able to share the news that not only is the film finished but we have signed a distribution deal!

Offworld's distribution will be handled by the team at OCTANE MULTIMEDIA, who have been immensely supportive and never once lost faith in us from the first day they made contact with us back on November 28th, 2017. Octane Multimedia have personal relationships with some of the world’s leading television and streaming platforms like The Disney Channel, DirecTV, Redbox, Netflix & Hulu to actively service and promote their movies.

We don't know yet where Octane Multimedia will take the movie or where it will end up, but what we do know is that we are finally taking the next step in our journey. It's a much bigger step than we expected to take, the original goal being just to make a film, put it online and use it as a showcase for everyone’s talent. A distribution deal was never on the table, an impossible dream... But, it's coming true. Offworld just might be going worldwide.

The one tiny downside is that we still can't share the film ourselves. We're working on making sure that our Kickstarter backers still see the film before anyone else, but we have to work within the limitations of our distribution deal and don't want to risk ruining our chances of seeing the film reach its full potential.

And, on that note, I should take a moment to thank our backers one more time. We used up our £10K budget, plus extras, plus favours, plus favours on top of favours, a long time ago. However, without that initial kickstart, we would never have gotten to where we are.

Much like our fictional Offworld crew, we have reached for the stars and travelled far further than we imagined we would, arriving at a destination that we never planned for. Unlike our fictional crew however, we couldn't be happier with where we have landed.

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