Screen Writing and Film

I am co-writer/producer at Welsh independent film studio The Black Room.

Our short film “The Black Room” has been featured on Amazon Prime Video and our first feature film, “OffWorld”, is currently in post-production ahead of a worldwide release with a major distributor.

I’m also quite partial to making stupid videos to promote my books, my show on South Wales ONE, and sometimes just for fun.


Latest Movie Making News

Tales of the Black Room: Nipa Singh 17.2

Nipa Singh sat on a ripped office chair and sipped bad coffee from a chipped mug as she watched Professor Fish tapping commands into the scrub station keyboard. Fish was a corpulent man with only a passing acquaintance with personal hygiene and grooming. Singh had been told he was a

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Tales of the Black Room: Take the Call

David Dare’s office was one of the smallest in The Black Room. Eight feet by eight feet, with no windows, bare walls, and a single door, it wasn’t the sort of office you’d expect one of the most powerful men on the planet to work from. The truth was, David

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Curse of the Mirror Clowns Prologue

I’d forgotten I recorded this back when the website was up on bricks like a stolen car on the wrong side of town. It’s only a short recording but I love doing readings, especially of my kids books, so thought it was worth sharing again. I recorded this at home

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In case you're interested, here are some those other stupid videos I made...