The Tantalus 2 flies again

I’m a little bit behind on Offworld and Black Room news owing to some other projects, but this was a little bit of news that caught my eye on our official Offworld Facebook page that I wanted to share for anyone not on the group.

As you may know, one of the biggest endeavors the Offworld team undertook was to build the flight deck set. Although it only features in the opening few minutes of the movie, it was a crucial piece to establish our credibility in the eyes of the viewer as a “real” sci-fi space story and not just “eight go wild in the country”.

Work commitments kept me away from much of the shoot and not getting to see, and sit in, the flight deck is one of my movie-making regrets. I’ve kept an eye on the fate of the flight deck ever since as it has been passed from one set of hands to another like some sort of giant MDF version of the One Ring.

The flight deck, much like the crew of the Tantalus 2 themselves, simply won’t die easily. The latest news is that, after a few years as a feature of a gaming centre in Birmingham, the flight deck is now in the hands of a gentleman by the name of Justin Andrews who is working with a team to refit it as a customised flight simulator for use at conventions and events.

It just goes to show you can’t keep a good ship down. I hope to see the Tantatlus 2 for myself some day soon!

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