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Why movies aren't a patch on our merch

One of the great things about working with Terry and Dani on projects is all the little gifts (or are they bribes?) that turn up in the post.

Today it was my official WOW THE MOVIE patch, ready to be mounted alongside my OFFWORLD patch when I finally get one of those puffy "director" jackets.

WOW isn't like other projects I've worked on because the creative process is not collaborative with just the other writers and producers but with the many people already supporting the project. Terry and Dani are running regular live video chats over at and the supporters voices are genuinely being heard in terms of what direction the story is taking.

The only other project I know of that's taken this sort of approach is Snakes on a Plane, and things worked out pretty well there.

But it's new territory for me. I'm used to stories being built up in my head for a while before putting them out there and getting feedback. This isn't like that. It's a melting pot, a stew, one of those giant paellas you see on TV where the whole village comes and throws something in. It's both exciting and intimidating from my perspective as the person who will do the second and third passes on the story and script.

For now though, it's that glorious giant cooking pot, and I'm happy to adding another patch to my nonexistent jacket.

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