selective focus photo of grey cat

The Cat Sat on the Mat

So, this was a slightly experimental thing that I made. Ultimately the time it took was way longer than I thought was worth it for the output, but you’ve got to kiss a few frogs to find a prince… or something like that.

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The cat sat on the mat every night. Wary, watchful, it took up position there as the sky turned from blue into shades of pink and ochre and remained there, as far as anyone knew, until sunrise the next day.

What it watched for, nobody could be sure. It never roamed, never strayed, never abandoned its post. It remained there, a lone sentry, amber eyes piercing the dark.

“Silly old thing,” its owners would say. “Sitting out here all alone.”

It was only when the cat died that they found out what it had been guarding them from, what really lurked out there in the dark. And it didn’t seem so silly then.

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