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Somewhere on the coast of England, Neverbury is a quaint seaside town with the kind of problems that a lot of quaint English seaside towns have these days... demons, serial killers, immortals, thieves, time travellers, ghosts, vampires, idle gods, haunted houses, witches, an extraordinarily strident village council, and monsters.

Praise for "Welcome to Neverbury"

"A deliciously dark set of stories - like a chocolate box, each chocolate filled with a mix of humour, blood and strange happenings. Written with flair, confidence and a keen eye for detail. If you like Inside No:9, you'll love this!"

"Loved this from start to finish, I listened to the Audiobook which was brilliantly read by Terry Cooper and then had to buy the hard copy straight away. Very Inside number 9 esq with moments of Neil Gaiman. Loved it."

"Absolutely loved this book. The author slowly paints a picture of the quaint little town that has many secrets! Each independent story weaves a web of mystery and strange goings on in Neverbury ensuring you are hooked from the start!"

Out Now

Chris Lynch

Chris Lynch is a writer, technologist, digital marketeer, film-maker, comic book guy, part-time hypnotist, foodie, and general nuisance.

For the past few years, Chris has been writing Doctor Who spin-off stories in the "Haisman Universe" featuring characters such as Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart, Lucy Wilson, monsters such as the Quarks and the Great Intelligence, and a few of his own creations. Chris' first book for the "Lucy Wilson Mysteries" series "Curse of the Mirror Clowns" was short-listed for a Scribe Award in 2019.

When Chris isn't working on books, he also writes screenplays, comic books, and audio dramas. His most recent screenplay, OffWorld, is currently in post-production with a major US distributor attached.

Once a week Chris is co-host of an online radio show/podcast "Soundclash" on South Wales ONE. From time to time, you can also find him at live South Wales ONE community and charity events.

By day, Chris is IT Director for a major InsureTech business in South Wales and, prior to that, was CTO and founder of the a leading digital agency specializing in eCommerce and bespoke solutions. Chris enjoys writing about technology and digital marketing, with particular reference to how these intersect with writing and how authors can better market themselves online. In 2018, Chris wrote ["The Truth About SEO"], a guide to digital marketing for business owners that became a number 1 Amazon Best Seller in a number of categories.

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No wonder Apple and Microsoft has stepped down from OpenAI's board. Rats leaving a sinking ship.


Gluing miniatures and, for not the first time in my life, regretting my love this called spindly, spikey elves.

Today in "Irresponsibly promoted features", Google's "Cheat at your homework and thus learn nothing" shortcut.

Latest Newsletter: What happened the week after the year after Welcome to Neverbury, my first Substack chat, and a time-travelling robot. Just a normal Thursday, really.

My beloved van is "in the shop" as the Americans say, so I'm using my wife's car. I haven't driven a manual, or had my backside so close to the ground, in some time. It's been... an experience.

I take it all back. AI is the future.

Prediction: The answer to these problems is not in the courts, but in the systems themselves.

1. There's an open window of opportunity here for an online Git repo provider who blocks any AI scraping.

2. CoPilot doesn't, at this stage, understand what makes code work. It only knows how to copy, spin, and paste things it has already seen. The whole system is vulnerable to large scale injection of code with security holes, bugs, and other issues.


“We need to view everything in context. Very few real, impactful generative AI use cases have actually made it into production."


This is what happiness looks like.

You'd expect Microsoft, a business that tied itself in knots a decade or so ago warning people about the dangers of open source, would have a better understanding of how copyright works.

For the record, just because it's on your website, that *does not* mean you've waived your copyright. If anything, it's the opposite.


It's officially a year since Welcome to Neverbury forced its way into existence. If you're on my mailing list, you've already received your sampler of the upcoming "Return to Neverbury" but, if you've yet to take a trip to the strangest little seaside town there is, you can pick up a copy this weekend for just 99p! You'll find the link in my bio.

I can't believe we've never done this before, but we're celebrating Cardiff on South Wales ONE with a special "Pride Anthems" . You'll find the link on my profile page!

More details of The Pennyworth Recursion are now up on my Substack - open.substack.com/pub/chrislyn

If you're into , , , or have a thing for abandoned buildings (I know I do) then this could be the one for you.

"The Thing in the Basement" is a story about magicians and conmen and murderers and books. It's especially about books. This is a subscribers-only preview of "Return to Neverbury" and you must signed up by midnight on the 28th to receive it!