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Circus of Death


Able Quirk is dead… but that won’t stop him from taking his revenge.

A freakshow circus is burnt to the ground, leaving no survivors. A crime family steeped in the occult reinvents itself for the era of social media and globalisation and becomes the darling of America. A team of detectives struggle to battle corruption in the most crime riddled city in the country. Trapped in the middle is Able Quirk who, as his alter ego “The Magpye”, is waging a one man war to find justice for his family and friends, murdered when the circus was destroyed.

The Magpye: Circus of Death is an occult horror novel with a crime thriller twist.

Reborn from the ashes of his circus home, Able Quirk has the occult power to speak to the dead - all he has to do is eat their flesh. Whilst his own memories are a mystery to him, Able finds his head filled with the thoughts and memories of his murdered friends and family. Guiding this army of vengeful spirits, but driven by the powerful spirit of “The Magpye” itself, Able is plunged headlong in a bloody and violent quest for justice… and revenge.

His number one target is Cane King, media mogul and secret head of the King crime family. Having cemented their criminal and occult power over generations through intimidation, murder, and worse, the Kings are the secret masters of their city. King wants the occult power of The Magpye for himself and will stop at nothing to get it.

The course is set for an explosive confrontation - who will wield the occult power of The Magpye, control the dead, and be master of the living?

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