New Release: Welcome to Neverbury

Chris Lynch: Author


Lucy Wilson has been dragged down to Llantwit Major beach by her best friend Hobo, in search of fossils. For the self-proclaimed “Defender of Earth”, it doesn’t promise to be the most exciting of Sunday afternoons. But, of course, as well being the Defender of Earth, Lucy is also a weirdness magnet and it’s not long before her quiet afternoon fossil hunting with Hobo has turned into a time and space spanning mystery involving intergalactic theme parks, giant serpents, aliens disguised as other aliens, and a trip back through the history of Llantwit Major.

Unfortunately, like a lot of clever kids, Hobo had interests. For the uninitiated in the particular nuances of interests these are a lot like hobbies, but they are pursued with the intensity of a mad doctor trying to bring a jigsaw of human body parts back to life and with the relentlessness of Saint Matthew, the patron saint of tax collectors. When they weren’t fighting off alien invasions, or dealing with normal young human person things like school and homework, Lucy often found herself dragged along by Hobo to take part in one of his interests. Today was no exception…

I originally wrote this story as a promotional giveaway for the These 3 Streams Festival; a fantastic festival of words, art, and music in Llantwit Major; in the spring of 2022.

Out of Print

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